My preferred scooter

So, when I was in Berlin, I talked to some scooter owners. As you probably know I love scooters. Electric scooter specifically. There’s one brand, made by UNU , which I think is seriously changing the way that people are viewing scooters, and I think that the way that they are approaching their business has lessons for anybody who was involved in the automotive industry or anything relating to Manufacturing. Look, UNU knows that they can succeed without mass production. Basically, what they do, is they wait until an order comes in. Once an order comes in, the customer has selected the exact colors, parts, and engine components that they want in their vehicle. They put that precise scooter together, and deliver it right to the door of the person who is ordered it. Fully assembled, in a box. All the consumer has to do is open the box, slap on a license plate, and they are ready to hit the road. And it is electrical, which means that it drives a about 45 kilometers an hour without using any oil or gas. That means it’s fully electric, and there are no exhaust fumes or any pollutants entering the air. So, you can cruise around your city and get to know it better, take new roots, and ride around, and the only thing that you need to do is charge your battery every 50 kilometers. 50 kilometers, and the city, is a lot more than it sounds like. For most people who have daily commutes, 50 kilometers is more than 3 days worth of driving. And, when you charge it, that 5 hours is easily encapsulated when you go to sleep at night. The charging can happen anywhere. You just take out the battery, which is very small, And plug it into a wall. There’s no special Port that is needed or anything, just a wall outlet. That opened so many doors. I think this is amazing amount of innovation.


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