Money Saving Tips

Every two weeks, I dutifully update my spreadsheet to capture a snapshot of what we have in our regular (checking, savings, and stock accounts), retirement (401K and Roth IRA) and debt (mortgage, student loan, truck payment) accounts. And I was supposed to update the blog, but that doesn’t happen quite as often. smile

Back in Jan 2005 (the start of the spreadsheet)
Regular $42,439
Retirement $12,040
Debts $108,380

Regular $64,622
Retirement $64,348
Debts $71,494

That’s a difference of $22,183 in regular accounts, $52,308 in retirement accounts, and $36,886 in debts — or an increase of $111,377 in net worth. So, we’re quite close to saving 50% of what we make since we gross less than $110,000 per year.

“Discount” Stores

I love Target. I registered at Target. However, I don’t buy clothes at Target. My latest hunt for white pants is why.

I’m volunteering at the local hospital and to go with the uniform I had to buy white pants. I went to Wal-mart and found a pair ($17.99) and I tried Target ($16.99). The ones are Target needed to be taken in at the hip and also needed to be hemmed. I’m not sure it Target offers different leg lengths, but I couldn’t find any petites. I looked through the clearance racks first, but couldn’t find any white pants (it is November). So, the best price at Wal-mart and Target was $16.99.

I tried Ann Taylor next and found a pair of white pants that don’t need to be hemmed for $19.99. It would cost me more than $3.00 to have the pants hemmed and they are nice enough that I can wear them to work. They were on clearance (down from $69.99), but still patience is worth the $.

(I also got a pair of cargo pants for $6.00 at Aeropostale)