I have been living in the city of Raleigh for a long time

I have been living in the city of Raleigh for a long time. Even though Ralph (my husband) is a golf enthusiast, have very little awareness about any Raleigh golf course. For his birthday coming up, I want to buy him some rounds of golf. Does anybody have any idea on where I should choose to buy him these rounds from? Which is the best course? Also, by the way, he does not use the internet very often, and he certainly doesn’t read the blogs and articles I post, so I am not at all afraid of him seeing this.


*If you do stumble upon this, honey, thank you for finally reading my words. I love ya.*


Anyway, this is the question that I’m asking in anticipation for his 64th birthday. It is so crazy how the time flies. We’ve now spent 40 of his birthdays together and I think that I have a distinct memory from almost every single one. I am so fortunate to have been able to spend so much time with the man I love. There is nothing better in the world than a happy marriage, and even though we’ve had some hard times, I count my blessings every single day that I am married to such a wonderful man who treats me like a man should treat his wife. Sure, it’s not always easy but nothing worthwhile is. He is going to be so shocked that I am buying him some time on the golf course, as early in our marriage all he wanted to do was get out on the course and it was a source of conflict as I thought he was not spending enough time around the house helping me out with the kids. Luckily, our hard work helped us raise a few beautiful gamma honest, and hard-working boys. And, just like their father they love swinging their golf clubs too. I know a lot of our friends and family read my posts, so– if you’re one of the folks reading who knows my husband Ralph, don’t be afraid to give us a call on his birthday. It always means so much to him, and I know that y’all mean a lot to him too.


Birthdays only come around once a year. As I get older I learn to appreciate each year just a little bit more. Take a minute to pray for those you love today, and celebrate each birthday like it’s the last one. I think God everyday for my Ralph, and I hope he is thankful for the time on the golf course that I’m purchasing for him.


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