How to Improve Ranking in App Store

How to Improve Ranking in App Store


There are different techniques of app store rankings employed by different app developers and app stores with each having its own advantages. Man has always tried to do better and better and he has succeeded a lot in this logic. He has always improved his life, style, likes, and even dislikes. This continuous try to improve him has led to many successes. Sometimes, failure also discouraged him but his zeal and zest proved a lot and he eventually succeeded. To improve in different fields of life he has employed different methods. Similarly, to improve the ranking of apps in a store they have used various techniques. Some of these are:

1-Focus Keywords

The very first thing to improve the rankings is to focus always on use of natural key words. These words will have an appealing impression on the mind of the customer who wishes to download apps. The key word should be easy to remind and clear in its meaning.

2-Give an Opportunity to Review

The next method to improve the rankings in the app stores is to provide the users with a facility to give reviews about the app. This opportunity leaves an impression on his mind and this impression strengthens when on his review the betterment is made in the application.

3-Social Media Integration

The improvement can also be made by remaining active on different social media channels. Always keep your app at the top of the minds of the users face book links, twitter, and emailing the links. Social media I an important factor in the higher rankings of apps because all the people remain active on it.

4-Personal Relations

It is another method to increase the app rankings in a store. Your personal relations can be effective technique to increase the download ration of the app and this more downloading will increase the rankings. Remain in contact with your relations through different media or directly.

5-Killer App

The next thing that can be very helpful in improving the ranking of an app is that always try to make a killer app. It means it should be strong enough to solve the problem of a particular class of people. And it should have a clear competitive advantage over all the other apps of its rank.

In the end, it can be said that improvement in app store rankings is also very important factor in the success of an app and increasing its download ration.


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