Can anybody tell me what the best Raleigh golf course is

Can anybody tell me what the best Raleigh golf course is? I’m only going to have one day off on a business trip that I’m taking to the City of Raleigh, and there is no question that (weather permitting) I’ll be spending that afternoon out on the links. When I go on this sort of thing I never plan out where I’m going to eat because I like to ask locals, or I like to get swept up in the plans of colleagues and friends and people I meet at the conference. I don’t get to choose where I stay, because work chooses for me. So, what do I choose? Well, I choose what I am going to do with my free time and days off. As long as the climate is right for it,

that plan turns into golfing about 99% of the time. I’ve been searching on a few websites for the best golf course in the city, or around the city. It seems like there are some pretty great options. I can’t wait to get out after a long winter where all I’ve been able to do is simulated golfing and indoor driving ranges and putting greens. Someday, I’ll move to the South, where I can play golf almost every single day. Until then, I am simply going to take every opportunity that falls into my hands to get outside in the winter months and swing those clubs. So, I’m going to Raleigh for 5 days and I get a single day off. With this in mind, feel free to give me any other kind of advice for visiting the area. Restaurant suggestions are always welcome even though I might not follow through. I can’t wait to check out a new city. America is full of amazing urban areas and I count my blessings every single time that I get to experience a new one. I’m sure that Raleigh, North Carolina will be no different.

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