General Kate

Name: Kate Bean
Age: 23
Location: Florida

Kate is an engineer by education, but is currently masquerading as a manager and is in the process of applying to MBA programs. She’s been married to Mr. B for five years and they have one dog.

Kate’s Likes

Kate likes being inside, polite people, animals, and Mr. B. At the moment, Kate likes her job, her boss, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. But most of all Kate LOVES getting email. Email Kate.

Kate’s Dislikes

Kate dislikes poor service at stores and restaurants and people who aren’t nice to animals. At the moment, Kate does NOT like:
Hungry Howies

How You Can Reach Kate

Kate’s email address is [email protected]

The Website

More about Kate and KateSpillsTheBeans.com is located on the About KSTB.com page.

A year ago my net worth was hovering around $33,000. Now, I’m at $19,000. Not really the direction a future-millionaire hopeful wants to be going. This can all be blamed on my house. A light blue 3 bedroom, 2 bath money drain. I have Burnaby realtor, Eddie Yan and Port Moody Realtor, Dave Jenkins to thank.

I understand that home is where the heart is blah blah, but it’s a seller’s market here – which means that if you want/need to buy a house, be prepared to pay out the nose for it.
When I first started contemplating buying a home, I thought about the down payment (20% to avoid paying PMI) and closing costs and lender fees. What I didn’t think about (or at least seriously under estimated) was the money to get the house comfortable here’s the breakdown:
Paint: $100
Paint Supplies: $50
Removal of old carpet: $5
Hardwood Floor for Living Room: $700
Carpet for bedrooms: $500
Carpet Installation: $200
Landscaping Materials: $200
Curtains: $100
MBedroom Closet: $200

Two grand for nothing more than changing an already overpriced house to get it halfway to where I want it. There are also all the incidentals that come with a house, like getting a lawnmower to mow the lawn. Also, the house is bigger than my old apartment. I thought the added space would be nice, but I had to buy furniture for another bedroom and it takes more energy to keep the house cool or warm.

Having said all that, I like my house. I like looking out the windows and drinking tea in the morning before rushing off to work. I like being able to bitch with all my coworkers about the maintenance. I like talking with my boss about the time to plant azaleas. I like being able to pick the colors of all my rooms and the pride that comes with doing a good job. (I’m way to cheap to pay anyone to paint my house.) But, if I knew the TRUE cost of my home up front, I don’t know if I’d have bought it. And now everyone is talking about a HOUSING BUBBLE! (More on that tomorrow.)

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